«Our world offers a wealth of information in all forms. The challenge is how to present and represent this information through the use of computers and turn them into useful information »(Joy Mountford, previously head of HCI group, Apple)».


  Institute of Digital Learning and Communication

 The institute "NOUS" aims to promote learning and computer-mediated communication by using modern training methods. We carry out research in the field of interactive multimedia educational software and in educational software for children with special needs. Our  educational software is user friendly, for use in pcs, tablets, mobiles. We run educational programs for schools and individuals. Our aim is  to provide computer based  personalized education, specifically designed for children, promote safety on the internet, keep informed specialists about educational software solutions and produce innovative e-learning solutions.We run educational programs for general and special education.  The institute is a non profit organization funded by own resources and membership fees and does not receive any government or European funding.


NOUS is aiming to give the opportunity to children to have access to e-learning in a structured way. We offer access to our members to a learning management system (LMS) specifically designed for children. The online platform is coordinated by the educational team of NOUS. Through this, users can be trained and receive information in a collaborative environment, interacting with their classmates and their teachers and use modern educational methods and sources. The environment is different for elementary pupils and secondary school children and there is a "virtual classroom" for every school level.  Educational material is available in multiple formats so that every one can choose the format they want: play, e-book, multimedia presentations etc. Through the platform we give access to software that helps children  organize their study. All these are accommodated in a user friendly environment for children. Through the online platform we give access to social networking (something like facebook) but in a safe and limited space where all users are children of the same age and registered members of NOUS. We also give free access to sources and  special educational software like your i-book, w i-book, your i-story, that gives you the ability to have personalized e-books that facilitate several functions such as take notes, underline, put bookmarks etc. with access from anywhere, as all of our applications run on the cloud for use from everywhere.  Users can create their own books by using different educational sources.


Courses Begin

Let's seize the trend of our children to new technologies to give them ways and means to learn in a pleasant, creative, safe and modern way.







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